Department Awards

Department Awards and Fellowships

Graduate Student Awards and Fellowships

Schuessler Scholarship for Study at ICPSR

Gerald D. Suttles Fellowship in Doctoral Ethnographic Research

Sheldon Stryker Graduate Research Grant

Edwin H. Sutherland Teaching Award

Schuessler Award for Graduate Research

Robert V. Robinson Social Action Award

Stewart Family Fellowship

Lindesmith-Mullins Fellowship

Advanced Departmental Fellowship

Preparing Future Faculty Fellowship

Graduate Student Mentor Award

Faculty Mentor Award

GSA Student Awards

  • Most Likely to Win a Grammy – Roberto Ortiz
  • Most Likely to be Caffeinated – Maddie Flores
  • Most Likely to Make You Laugh – Brandy Smith
  • Most Likely to Brighten Your Day – Da Eun Jung
  • Most Likely to Win In A Fight – Tiffanie Vo
  • Most Likely to Be a Reality TV Star – Luis Lopez
  • Best Laugh – Anjali Biswas
  • Most Patient Cat Mom – Maggie Lawler
  • Best Posture – Yunmyung Cho
  • Best Driver – Katya Baldina