Housing and Healthcare

Practical matters

Housing in Bloomington is generally not the problem it can be in larger cities. The university offers a number of housing possibilities, but most graduate students rent off-campus apartments or houses. Many people make their housing arrangements in the spring or early summer to ensure the greatest selection, but good finds sometimes can be made at the last minute.

Information concerning employment with IU is available from Human Resources, Poplars Building, Room E165 at 400 E. Seventh Street, Bloomington, IN 47405; phone 812-855-0406.

Medical care is available through the Indiana University Health Center, IU Health Bloomington Hospital, and other local facilities, both in Bloomington and in the Indianapolis metro area.

At times students may need to take a leave of absence. You will find information and application forms that must be completed and approved by the Director of Graduate Studies. If you are taking a leave of absence due to medical reasons, you need to complete both the Medical Certification form for Leave of Absence and the Leave of Absence Return Plan form. Leave of absences that are not of a medical nature only require the Leave of Absence Return Plan form.

Leaves of Absence