Sociology B.A.

Sociology B.A. degree

When you major in Sociology, you become acquainted with the discipline’s basic principles, methods, and findings while taking courses that help you discover and understand the social nature of our world. You learn how to practice the methodologies of the scientific study of society and of human social interaction.

Sociology has many subfields, including social psychology, social inequality, deviance, and medical sociology. We study family relationships, work, the economy, schools, gender roles, race, ethnic relations, criminal justice, politics, mental illness, and the impact of social class. Our major is designed to offer paths for students who want to acquire a general background as well as for those who wish to develop particular interests in a sociological subfield.

Hands-on experience

Our faculty are experts in a range of approaches to these topics—from cutting-edge quantitative models and experimental designs to qualitative studies using ethnographic and historical materials. They lead you in learning about sociological theory and research methods, giving you multiple opportunities to engage in hands-on projects and fieldwork.

A major in Sociology provides a strong educational foundation that can lead to careers in various fields or prepare you for graduate training.

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