Getting started

A good course to take when considering the Sociology major is Introduction to Sociology (SOC-S 100). It will provide a glimpse into the concepts and methods sociologists use while also taking a closer look at the nature of contemporary American society. It is also a required course for our major.

Our department offers a number of additional courses at the 100 and 200 level that may interest you as you work on the major. These courses give you the opportunity to explore topics like "Envisioning the City," "The Economy, Organizations, and Work," and "Social Inequality."

Specialize in an area of interest

Our department does not offer any official tracks or concentrations. You do, however, have the option of focusing your electives in specialty areas. Possible unofficial concentrations include:

  • Work, Business, Occupations
  • Medical, Social Work, Counseling, Mental Illness
  • Politics, Government, Law
  • Criminal Justice, Deviant Behavior, Social Control

Want to explore all of our classes?