Areas of Specialization

Faculty areas of specialization

The following subfields are strongly represented at Indiana University, with faculty members working in each area.

Aging and the Life Course

Biology and Society

Comparative and Historical Sociology


Economic Sociology


Ethnography and In-Depth Interviewing

Experimental Methods


Global and Transnational Sociology

Medical Sociology

Mental Health

Organizations, Occupations, and Work

Political Sociology

Population and Demography

Quantitative Methodology

Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration

Sex, Gender, and Sexualities

Social Networks

Social Psychology

Social Theory

Stratification and Inequality

Examples of questions addressed by our research

  • Does the public see college as exclusively an individual good that benefits the student or also a collective good that benefits society?
  • How do people choose between vengefulness and forgiveness when they feel they have been wronged?
  • How do different immigrant and U.S.-born groups perceive and define one another and experience diversity, and what do intergroup interactions look like across a variety of social settings?
  • What are the links between status, consumption, and life satisfaction?
  • What types of surveillance systems are used by hospitals to monitor and prevent catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs)?
  • How can we better understand the dynamics of attitudes formation on issues relating to job hiring and workplace evaluations, public social provision, social justice, and counterterrorism in the contemporary United States?

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