Sociology Minor

Sociology minor

If you are pursuing your graduate degree in another department or school and wish to minor in Sociology, you should consult with the director of graduate studies. The outside Ph.D. minor requires 12 credit hours of course work. No more than one course should be taken below the 500 level. These requirements may be modified in particular cases by the director of graduate studies.

For current Sociology graduate students, your minor is to be taken outside of the Sociology Department or as part of the Social Science Research Methods (SSRM). When seeking a minor outside of the Sociology Department, graduate students consult with the current Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) on an advisory level but determine which courses to take after consulting with the DGS of that particular department. Students pursuing the Social Science Research Methods (SSRM) minor should consult with Dr. Patricia McManus to determine which courses are acceptable for the completion of this minor. For more information about SSRM, see the 2023-2024 UGS Bulletin