Study social life & its impact on individuals and society

Are you interested in the scientific study of the social forces that influence human behavior? Sociology gives you a depth of understanding as to how various institutions—such as class, race, gender, and religion—affect you and the society in which we live.

Our students represent a broad variety of backgrounds and interests. They tend to be curious about the societal structures that shape human behavior, and have a strong desire to discover, explore and understand the social nature of the world. They want to build a strong foundation for a wide variety of possible careers.

Our department enjoys a strong spirit of collegiality and community, with opportunities for you to participate in cutting-edge research. Our faculty is recognized for both research excellence and a commitment to teaching. We are dedicated to helping our students make the most of their opportunities with us.

Fascinating courses & hands-on experience

Sociology offers courses that focus on work and the economy, health and medicine, schools, religion, mental illness, politics and government, race and ethnic relations, sexuality, criminal justice, and other topics. Our methodologies involve developing quantitative models and experimental designs to collect and analyze data. We also write qualitative studies using in-depth interviews and ethnographic and historical materials.

While learning about sociological theory and research methods, you have multiple opportunities to engage in hands-on projects and fieldwork, gaining research skills that are valued by employers in a broad range of fields. Some of these skills include designing surveys, conducting interviews, coding data, and writing reports.

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We are part of the College of Arts + Sciences

A degree in Sociology provides students with the foundational skills of a liberal arts education, which are prized by employers and vital to a 21st-century career. The insights obtained through our program will assist you in understanding problems of crime, law, racism, and social control systems. We also highlight the constructive aspects of corporations, families, religious institutions, and schools.

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Preparation for a meaningful career

A background in sociology provides an excellent foundation for careers and graduate work in law, social work, journalism, government, research, or community service—as well as many other professions seeking experience in the liberal arts. Pursue your passion and find a career you love.

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Diversity & Inclusion

As a community, we recognize that we comprise a diverse group of faculty, staff, and students, and we embrace and value the diversity of our members. We promote respect for all community members regardless of age, culture, disabilities, ethnic origin, gender, gender identity, marital status, nationality, citizenship, race, religion, sexual orientation, first-generation status, and socioeconomic status—as well as other dimensions of difference not explicitly covered in this list.

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