Career Preparation

Enhance your degree

Our department offers a number of ways to enhance your major. You can work with a faculty sponsor as a research assistant, conduct research in the Sociology Lab, or serve as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) or Undergraduate Research Assistant (URA). If you want to focus on a specialty area, you can take SOC-X 490 Individualized Readings in Sociology. Talk with faculty and your academic advisor about these opportunities.

Combine Sociology with another subject area

Many students pursue Sociology as a double major to acquire these skills in concert with their chosen career path. For example, if you are seeking a career in health care, it is vitally important to understand the role of social inequality, relationships, and social roles in the health outcomes of groups and individuals. Sociology helps you ask and answer questions such as: How does socioeconomic status, gender, and race influence health? How do characteristics of people or organizations affect whether medical treatments are accessible and effective?

In the same way, education majors learn about social inequalities in student achievement and classroom behavior. They benefit from better understanding peer influence and parent cooperation.

Business majors acquire the ability to effectively manage, collaborate, and communicate with a diverse workforce, and learn how organizational factors influence productivity and innovation.