Honors Program

Earn an honors degree in Sociology

The honors program in Sociology offers exceptional students the opportunity to conduct independent research, write a thesis paper, and graduate with honors. Many who complete the program say it is one of their most rewarding undergraduate experiences. Honors students receive guidance from faculty mentors, participate in research, and are encouraged to present their work at regional and national sociology conferences.

If you develop a strong interest and aptitude for Sociology, aim for an honors degree. The honors certification requires you to complete an honors thesis, typically during the junior or senior year. You apply to the honors program in the spring semester prior to the year you plan to complete your thesis.

The honors thesis is a paper of 20-30 pages, based on a study of empirical research. It is completed during an honors seminar where you are required to give a formal presentation.

Benefits of the honors program

The honors program is of benefit in a number of ways. Honors students learn to produce a well-crafted written paper that is ideal for graduate school admissions in any field. They also secure a detailed letter of recommendation from a faculty mentor with whom they have worked closely.

Satisfy your intellectual curiosity by choosing to focus on some aspect of society while working within the honors program, practicing the presentation and writing skills that are critical in today’s job market. You will develop communication skills and build a resume for a career in education, research, marketing, program development, advocacy, counseling, or other areas.

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