The full spectrum of sociology research

We are a large, comprehensive department at the forefront of sociological research and teaching in virtually every disciplinary subfield. We pride ourselves on providing world-class, hands-on intellectual support and guidance to our graduate students—not only across the fields and areas that constitute sociology, but also across the discipline’s full methodological spectrum.

We have a tradition of close collaboration between faculty and students. If you look at recent issues of major sociology journals, you will see that many of our students have co-authored articles with faculty members, as well as amongst themselves.

At IU, you learn sociology not just through formal course work, but also through active participation in faculty research projects. Moreover, our graduate students are prepared well for careers in teaching as well as research. Most will work as teaching assistants for faculty members, as preparation for teaching their own undergraduate courses at IU.

For many decades IU Sociology has been ranked among the top graduate programs in the nation, according to the National Research Council and the U.S. News & World Report. - US News and World Report, 2017