Substance & Strength

Sociology faculty at Indiana University conduct research in a broad range of substantive areas and subfields, giving us many areas of research strength. This means that you have flexibility and choice when selecting classes and composing a graduate committee.

Indiana University has a national reputation for excellent graduate training in research methods, social stratification, social psychology, medical sociology, education, organizations and work, social network analysis, political and economic sociology, and children and youth.

National specialty rankings among top graduate Sociology departments position Indiana University as #2 for social psychology and #7 in social stratification, according to U.S. News and World Report (2017).

Research collaboration

Our faculty enjoy long-standing collaborative relationships with faculty in other fields, including medicine, network science, and computational science. We participate in interdisciplinary programs with faculty in other schools at IU, including the Maurer School of Law and the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering.

In addition, we have a tradition of close collaboration between faculty and students. If you look at recent issues of major sociology journals, you will see that many of our students have co-authored articles with faculty members, as well as amongst themselves. Graduate students learn sociology not just through formal coursework, but also through active participation in faculty research projects.

Meet our faculty