Research Opportunities

Research opportunities

We have an enduring reputation as a community of productive and consequential researchers.

In addition to learning sociological theory and research methods, you have multiple opportunities to engage in hands-on projects and fieldwork, gaining research skills that are valued by a broad range of employers.

Our Sociological Research Practicum gives graduate students firsthand experience of the process of data collection and analysis. Undergraduates typically assist with some aspect of data collection or coding of data, too.

The Indiana University Sociology Lab (SOCLAB) offers opportunities to IU undergraduates who are interested in participating in a sociology study. They can learn more, browse currently open studies, or sign up for a time slot at the SOCLAB Participate page.

The SOCLAB also has positions for undergraduates who would like to work as a research assistant. This is a great way to learn more about research and apply what you are learning in your classes. Find out more at the SOCLAB Become a Research Assistant page.