Keera Allendorf

Keera Allendorf

Associate Professor, Sociology


  • Ph.D., Sociology, University of Wisconsin

Selected publications

Allendorf, Keera. 2017. "Conflict and Compatibility? Developmental Idealism and Gendered Differences in Marital Choice." Journal of Marriage and Family 79(2):337-355.

Allendorf, Keera and Roshan K. Pandian. 2016. "The Decline of Arranged Marriage? Marital Change and Continuity in India." Population and Development Review 42(3):435-464.

Allendorf, Keera and Arland Thornton. 2015. "Caste and Choice: The Influence of Developmental Idealism on Marriage Behavior." American Journal of Sociology 121(1):243-287.

Allendorf, Keera. 2013. "Going Nuclear? Family Structure and Young Womens Health in India, 1992-2006." Demography 50(3):853-880.

Allendorf, Keera. 2013. "Schemas of Marital Change: From Arranged Marriages to Eloping for Love." Journal of Marriage and Family 75(2):453-469.