Sutherland Teaching Award

Sutherland Teaching Award


This award honors the eminent criminologist and long-time member of this department, Edwin H. Sutherland. From time to time, a separate Sutherland Teaching Award is given to a faculty member in Sociology. Both prizes acknowledge the importance of teaching and other pedagogical activities in the department, rewarding excellence and commitment in these endeavors.


Only students in the graduate program of the Department of Sociology at Indiana University may apply. Applicants must have served as an associate instructor for the department or been significantly involved in other teaching-related activities, such as writing papers or participating in workshops or conferences with a focus on college pedagogy. Anybody is welcome to nominate an eligible graduate student for the Sutherland Teaching Award by submitting their name to the chair of the selection committee. Nominees will be contacted by the selection committee and encouraged to apply.


Recipients will receive a cash award (the amount will vary). If two or more recipients are chosen, each will receive the full monetary amount available. The Sutherland Award need not be given in every academic year.

Materials to submit

Applicants should submit the following documents, in this order:

  1. a table of contents
  2. cover letter (nor more than 1 page, single-spaced)
  3. teaching statement (not more than two pages, single-spaced)
  4. list of courses taught, by semester, along with number of students enrolled
  5. summary of quantitative course evaluations (a summary chart with the most relevant statistics for each course shown over time)
  6. selected comments from qualitative course evaluations (no more than two pages)
  7. selected assignments (choose up to 3 that represent your best/most creative work, put with the syllabus for which they are relevant)
  8. curriculum vitae
  9. copies of teaching-related publications (can include “in progress” or “under review” manuscripts)
  10. list of other pedagogical activities outside the classroom (such as participation at teaching-related conferences or workshops, participation in the PFF program, teaching-related presentations, and mentoring/tutoring)
  11. unsolicited emails and letters regarding teaching
  12. all teaching evaluations for all courses (both qualitative and quantitative) organized either by course or chronologically (whichever the applicant feels would make the evaluations easiest to assess)
Criteria for selection

Excellence in teaching activities, both inside and outside the classroom.

Application deadline

The deadline to apply is March 1.

Submission Instructions

Submit all materials to the graduate secretary ( electronically as a single PDF file.  The recipient(s) will be selected by the Teaching Awards Committee.  The recipient(s) will be announced at the department’s annual awards ceremony in April.