Robert V. Robinson Social Action Award

Robert V. Robinson Social Action Award


The Robert V. Robinson Social Action Award was created to recognize students whose service, teaching and research have brought about constructive change in the community or society-at-large.


Any student enrolled in the graduate program of the Department of Sociology at Indiana University may apply. Anybody is welcome to nominate an eligible graduate student for the Robert V. Robinson Social Action Award by submitting their name to the chair of the selection committee. Nominees will be contacted by the selection committee and encouraged to apply.


Recipients will receive a cash award (the amount will vary). The Robert V. Robinson Social Action Award need not be given in every academic year.

Materials to submit
  1. a cover letter which describes your social action activities and their impact on the community. It should answer the questions: Why is social action important to you? What have you done? What effect have these activities had on the community? How is your social action related to your career as a sociologist? (No more than 3 pages, single-spaced)
  2. current curriculum vitae that emphasizes social action activities (something you might provide to a prospective employer who was interested not only in your expertise as researcher and teacher, but as someone committed to improving the world). In addition, you may include other supporting materials that document your social action activities, such as flyers for an activity that you arranged or a report for a community agency
  3. two letters of recommendation emphasizing social action activities, at least one of which is from a member of the community other than an IU faculty member
Criteria for selection: Successful applicants will display the following three qualities (which are given equal weight)
  1. exceptional service to the community in the pursuit of progressive social change
  2. teaching that successfully increases students’ awareness and understanding of social issues and injustice
  3. research that actively engages social problems and policies that create solutions
Application deadline

The deadline to apply is April 1.

Submission Instructions

Submit the cover letter, the CV, and any supporting material as a single PDF in that order to the graduate secretary ( ) . If you include supporting material, scan and attach it as part of the PDF. Have your referees send a PDF on letterhead, an email, or a paper version of the letter of recommendation to the graduate secretary ( addressed to chair of the Robert V. Robinson Social Action Award committee. All materials must be received by the application deadline. The recipient(s) will be selected by the Robert V. Robinson Social Action Award Committee. The recipient(s) will be announced at the annual departmental award ceremony in April.