Mannheim Exchange Program

Mannheim Exchange Program


The University of Mannheim, Germany, regularly offers the opportunity for two graduate students in Sociology at Indiana University to teach one graduate-level class each at Mannheim during the spring and early summer. The specific courses to be taught are negotiated each year in discussions between Mannheim and our director of graduate studies.

In the past, IU students have taught statistics, qualitative methods and a variety of substantive courses. Students interested in the Mannheim Exchange Program are strongly encouraged to meet with the DGS well before the application deadline, to discuss the fit between the courses they are capable of teaching and Mannheim’s course needs.

The Mannheim Center also offers a rich research environment, and this opportunity will be especially attractive to students who want to develop scholarly ties with European sociologists or who have embarked on comparative research involving European data.


Only students who have completed three years in the graduate program in Sociology at Indiana University are eligible to apply. The classes are taught in English.


The University of Mannheim pays 4000 Euros, and the IU Department of Sociology adds a $3,600 fellowship to help defray costs of travel and supplement the stipend. In addition, Mannheim will cover costs of German language training during the students’ stay in Germany.

Materials to submit
  1. curriculum vitae
  2. a one-page statement about what you hope to gain from this experience that would advance your professional career (both teaching and research)
  3. a one-page description of the course (or courses) you would be prepared to teach in Mannheim
  4. a teaching dossier consisting of a list of courses taught (with enrollments), syllabi and handouts, and course evaluations
Criteria for selection

The DGS will consult with the Graduate Recruitment and Evaluation Committee and rank-order applicants in terms of (listed in descending order of importance):

  1. quality of the course proposal
  2. quality of teaching performance as an AI
  3. research benefits to the applicant from the exchange program
Application deadline

The deadline to apply is April 1. Submit all materials electronically to the graduate secretary as a single PDF file. Successful applicants will be informed of their selection by the end of the current academic year.

Contact the graduate secretary