Alumni Newsletter: October 2019

Message from the chair

Warm greetings from Bloomington!

On behalf of all of our colleagues in the Department of Sociology, we are delighted to present the fall 2019 department newsletter. The newsletter features stories about our new faculty, updates on faculty activities and awards, and our spring 2019 student awards. Whether you have been away for a long time or just a few years, we hope that these stories connect you back to your Bloomington friends.

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Read about our newest faculty, Anna S. Mueller and Michael Schultz.

Brea L. Perry

Please join us in congratulating Brea Perry for her appointment as a National Academy of Medicine Emerging Leader in Health and Medicine.

Peggy A. Thoits

Peggy Thoits retired from Indiana University in spring 2019, leaving a legacy of distinguished scholarly accomplishment, teaching excellence, and dedicated service.

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Read about our Faculty members’ latest activities.

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