Nora Weber

Nora Weber

Graduate Student

About Nora Weber

Nora Weber is a Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology, whose research focuses on education, politics, and labor.

Some of Nora's recent work explores the effects of educational attainment on political ideology; shifts in higher education admissions policies during COVID-19; and how hiring managers assess applicant quality.

 Methodologically, Nora takes a multi-methods approach, using a combination of surveys, secondary data analysis, interviews, text analysis, and field and survey experiments to pursue her research agenda. She has particular expertise in experimental design from her research and three years as Assistant Director of the IU Sociology Lab.

Nora's instructional experience includes graduate-level statistics, survey methods, and experimental design, and undergraduate Sociology of Education.

For further information, please visit her website or connect with her on Google Scholar or LinkedIn.