WOKE Sociology Club

WOKE, IU Sociology Club

Mission Statement

According to the WOKE Constitution, the purpose of this organization shall be:

  • To encourage dialogue between students who take Sociology classes.
  • To encourage social interaction between students and faculty, outside of the classroom, with the goal of exploring the applicability of the field of Sociology.
  • To encourage collaboration between collegiate and noncollegiate clubs and associations with the goal of empowering disadvantaged populations/groups to advocate for social change.
  • To facilitate a link between Sociology as knowledge and Sociology in action.
  • To provide a brave space where students can share their opinions, popular and unpopular.
  • To promote, and help others appreciate, diversity.
  • To create a Speaker’s Bureau of social activists, reporters, academics/scholars, and community advocates who will be invited to speak at activities/events organized by the Club.