Undergraduate Student Alumni

Undergraduate alumni

Duane Alwin, B.A., 1966. dfa2@psu.edu
McCourtney Professor of Sociology and Demography, Penn State University. http://www.personal.psu.edu/faculty/d/f/dfa2/ (March, 2009)

Julie Aud, B.A., 2007. julie.aud@gmail.com
Chief of Staff, Office of First Lady Cheri Daniels, Indianapolis, IN (March, 2008)

Nathan Ayers, B.A., 2004. ayers.nathan@gmail.com
Director/Head research instructor at Chiwara Permaculture Research and Education, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. www.chiwarapermaculture.com

Erika Blinks, B.A., 2007. eblinks@iupui.edu
IU School of Law- Indianapolis; JD student. (July, 2007)

Sarah Boyle, B.A., 2001. aixbelle@yahoo.com
I am an attorney admitted to practice law in the State of Missouri. I hold an MSW as well as a JD from Saint Louis University. I currently live in the state of California.

Samantha Brooks, B.A., 2006. samlbroo@gmail.com
Graduated cum laude from New England School of Law and am an Associate with a law firm in Brooklyn, New York. (November, 2009)

Julie Campbell, B.A., 2007. jumcampb@alumni.iu.edu
I am living in Bloomington for the next year while I work and fill out applications for graduate school. I am resuming my research on college women and self-injury in the fall. You can reach me at jumcampb@alumni.iu.edu (June, 2007)

Lee Ann Chan, B.A., 2005. lee_ann_chan@yahoo.com 
Senior Manager of U.S. Early Talent Careers at TD Bank in New York City

Jocelyn Chia, B.A., 2002. jocelynchia@gmail.com
Graduated from Georgetown University Law Center in 2006. Practiced law at Weil, Gotshal & Manges in NYC until 2009. Currently an innovation consultant at Innosight. www.thejauntywriter.com

Brian Clark, B.A., 2004. brreclark@gmail.com
Co-manager Kroger, Indianapolis, IN MBA Walden University 2007 (August, 2008)

Sarah Clauser, B.A., 2007. sarahclauser@gmail.com
Currently a social worker/applying to Sociology Ph.D. programs. (October, 2007)

Rebecca Cobb, B.A., 19. Danu1977@aol.com
I'm working for the Veterans Health Administration in Washington DC, for the Readjustment Counseling Services Division. DC is great! (May, 2004)

Jennifer Cobbina, B.A., 2004. jcobbina@indiana.edu
I will be attending graduate school to pursue a doctoral degree in criminal justice/criminology. I hope to become a professor in five years (May, 2004)

Sarah Cohen, B.A., 2007. sarmcohe@gmail.com
(June, 2007)

Kemberly Dailey-Johnson, B.A., 1982. daileyjohnson1@aol.com
Received a Master of Science degree in Human Services Administration from National-Louis University. Currently Director of Community Services for Pioneer Center of McHenry County; a not-for-profit organization providing services to children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities as well as mental health services in McHenry, Illinois. (February, 2003)

Jill Laidman Davidson, B.A., 1993. jilld@clevejcc.org

Tiffany Helene Davis, B.A., 2004. tiffanyhelenedavis@hotmail.com
(August 2004), (May, 2004), Director of Children's Services at the Jewish Community Center of Cleveland.

Jenna DiMartino, B.A., 2003. jennamarie@alumni.indiana.edu
LMSW in New York City.

Ian Dinius, B.A., 2007. idinius@indiana.edu
(June, 2007)

Heathyr Dwight-Harkless, B.A., 2005. heathyrharkless@alumni.indiana.edu
I completed my MA Professional Communication from Purdue University in 2005 and now teach communication courses at Indiana University South Bend and Ivy Tech Community College.

Caroline Emoff, B.A., 2012. Cemoff@indiana.edu
Social Worker at George Washington University Hospital

Esra Erdogan, B.A., May 2003. eserdoga@yahoo.com
Ph.D. in Sociology at University of California, Berkeley (June, 2004)

Nadja Fowler, B.A., 2004. nadjafowler@gmail.com
Addiction Therapist, US Department of Veterans Affairs, Jesse Brown VA Medical Center

Megan Froehle, B.A., 2007. mkfroehl@indiana.edu
I am currently working in Cincinnati, OH at Hamilton County Job and Family Services. I am doing in house social work in the Child Care unit. (June, 2007)

Ruth Frost , B.A., 1948. frostybee@aol.com
Retired (July, 2003)

Marisa Geer, B.A., 2004. mgeer@indiana.edu
I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis. (October, 2004)

Dana Goethel, B.A., 2004. dgoethel@indiana.edu
Well looking for a Job...studying for the GRE's you know, the usual... (June, 2004)

Elizabeth Harrison, B.A., 2007. harrison.eliz@gmail.com
I am currently working and studying for the GRE. (June, 2007)

Elizabeth Hendrix, B.A., 2004. ehhendri@indiana.edu
(May, 2004)

Mary Henney, B.A., 2007. mary.henney@gmail.com
I am currently working as the Life Skills Coordinator at Calvary Women's Services in Washington, DC. We have two housing programs that provide shelter to 35 women in downtown Washington, DC. Here, I lead life skills classes and coordinate over a group of 30 volunteers to also lead daily classes including healthy relationships, self-esteem, art therapy, and employment readiness which empower women and give them the skills to live independently. www.calvaryservices.org

Susan Hoffman, B.A., 2004. swhoffma@indiana.edu
Unemployed (May, 2004)

Jessica Hylton, B.A., 2004. jhylton@indiana.edu
On my way to a Masters in Educational Policy Studies at University of Illinois! (May, 2004)

Mitchell Josim, B.A., 2004. mischaj19@yahoo.com
(May, 2004)

Anastasia Kafiris , B.A., 1989. akafiris@progressivepr.gr
Received M.A. in Public Communication at American University in Washington, D.C. I am currently working in Greece at Progressive Public Relations as General Manager (February, 2003)

Christina Kazanas, B.A., 1995. babaojay@prodigy.net
Received M.S. in Social Work in 1997 from Columbia University; worked as a policy advocate for a NYC-based AIDS organization and free-lance consultant; currently working at The Educational Alliance in New York City as their Coordinator of Government Grants and Programs. (March, 2000)

Jae Sung Kim, B.A., 2004. jakim@indiana.edu
(May, 2004)

Julie Kmec, B.A., 1996. jkmec@wsu.edu
Edward R. Meyer Distinguished Professor in the Liberal Arts, Washington State University (August 2014) http://cooley.libarts.wsu.edu/jkmec/

Mary Beth Kraft, B.A., 2007. mbkraft@gmail.com
Completed MA in Philanthropic Studies from the Center on Philanthropy, currently Manager of Development and Public Relations for Teen Parent Connection in Glen Ellyn, IL (November, 2009)

Betsey Krause, B.A., 2004. bakrause29@hotmail.com
I am currently working for the Target Corporation in human resources. (August, 2004)

Lindsey Kreindler, B.A., 2002. lindseykreindler@gmail.com
Director, Young Adult Division for the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati. (October, 2007)

Natalie Kubat, BA.,19. ngkubat@yahoo.com
National Coordinator for EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service)

Michelle Leslie, B.A., 2007. lesliem@uindy.edu
First year clinical psychology doctoral student at the University of Indianapolis (June, 2007)

Michelle Lindahl, B.A., 2004. michelle_lindahl@hotmail.com
Administrative Assistant for The Jacobson Group in Chicago, IL (February, 2006)

Erin Macke, B.A., 2016. ecmacke@indiana.edu
Product specialist at Qualtrics, a software company headquartered near Salt Lake City, Utah.

Marlina Mansor, B.A., 1997. linamansor@yahoo.com
Operations Manager at DM Holdings, family-owned property developer in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia.

Scott McCaulay, B.A., 1981. smccaula@indiana.edu
Director of Research Technology Applications, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN (May, 2008)

Shavonne Zins Mehlbauer, B.A., 1999. shzins@hotmail.com
I went on to the University of Cincinnati and received a M.S. in Criminal Justice. I am licensed in Indiana and Ohio in Addictions Counseling. I currently work in Dearborn County jail with female offenders who are at high risk for relapse and recidivism.

Costas Miltiades, B.A., 1986.

Lisa Ness, B.A., 2004. lmness82@hotmail.com
(May, 2004)

Cara Newhouse, B.A., 2004. cnewhous@indiana.edu
Graduate Student at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary (May, 2004)

Lindsey Trimble O'Connor, B.A., 2004. lindsey.oconnor@csuci.edu
Assistant Professor of Sociology, California State University Channel Islands https://ciapps.csuci.edu/FacultyBiographies/lindsey.oconnor

Matt Ostermeyer, B.A., 2007. matthew.ostermeyer@gmail.com
I am pursuing a masters degree in Recreation Administration at Central Michigan University. I will be taking a graduate assistantship position with their campus recreation department hiring, training, and evaluating all undergraduate recreation employees. I also will be working with all the club sport officers. (June, 2007)

Sarah Payne-Mills, B.A., 2008. asmills104@gmail.com
Copy editor at Solution Tree Press in Bloomington.

Jana Pershing, B.A., 1990. jpershin@mail.sdsu.edu
Professor of Sociology, San Diego State University. Received Ph.D. in Sociology from University of Washington in 1997.

Sydney Pierce, Ph.D., 1988. pierce.sydney@gmail.com
Retired in 2007 (formerly Associate Dean of the School of Library & Information Science at Catholic University of America) (May, 2009)

Nicky Porras, B.A., 2004. nporras@indiana.edu
(May, 2004)

William Pridemore, B.A., 1992. pridemor@fas.harvard.edu
Received Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy at SUNY-Albany in 2000. Three years as Assistant Professor of Sociology at University of Oklahoma. Will spend 2003-2004 as a Research Fellow at Harvard University before returning to IU to join the Criminal Justice faculty. (May, 2003)

Tracy Rank, B.A., 2007. trank@indiana.edu
Graduate student in the fall of 2007 at DePaul University in Chicago. Publication: http://www.kon.org/urc/v6/rank.html (August, 2007)

Elliot Ransom, B.A., 2004. aiduder@yahoo.com
Teacher For America 2004 Corps member in Chicago Public Schools (May, 2004)

Linsay Riddle, B.A., 2007. linsay.riddle@gmail.com
I am about to begin a year of volunteering as an Americorps VISTA here in Bloomington with a non-profit organization by the name of Stepping Stones. (June, 2007)

Charles Robertson, B.A., 1964. chuckrobertson39@netzero.net
(April, 2005)

Eric Scott Robinson, B.A., 2007. robertse@indiana.edu
I am a social worker with Ireland Home-Based Services and do homebased casework/juvenile mentoring with families and teens in Lawrence, Greene and Martin counties. I am a member of the First Baptist Church in Williams where I play the organ, help lead the music and organize outreach programs. www.myspace.com/thepianoboy (May, 2008)

Kathryn Rogers, B.A., 2007. ktrodger@indiana.edu
(June, 2007)

Jennifer Rosenblum, B.A., 2006. jrosenblum@marthastewart.com
(September, 2009)

Erica Ruegg, B.A., 2010. ericaruegg@email.arizona.edu
Administrative Secretary for the Frances McClelland Institute for Children, Youth, & Families at the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ. (January, 2011)

Renee Sayegh, B.A., 1994. sighegg@gmail.com
(April, 2008)

Matthew Schaick, B.A., 19??. mschaick@hotmail.com
Director of Integration @ Meyer Distributing in Jasper, IN

Ryan Schiffli, B.A., 2004. ryanschiffli@hotmail.com
Transportation Procurement, Caterpillar Logistics Services, Peoria, IL

Nicole Schnoor, B.A., 2007. nicoleschnoor@yahoo.com
I am a second year student at Loyola University Chicago School of Law. (October, 2008)

Abby Schwab, B.A., 2004. schwabam@slu.edu
I am currently a first year law student in St. Louis, MO. (September, 2004)

Stef Shuster, B.A., 2004. stef.shuster@duke.edu
Postdoctoral Fellow, Thompson Writing Program, Duke University

Elizabeth Siantz, B.A., 2004. liz.siantz@gmail.com
Doctoral Student, University of Southern California School of Social work

Laura Siegel, B.A., 2009. lbsiegel@indiana.edu
I have completed some coursework toward a Master of Library Science degree and intend to pursue a Master's degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs within the next few years.

Lori D. Smith, B.A., 2004. ldsmith@princeton.edu
Ph.D. Candidate, Princeton University, Department of Sociology (September, 2009)

Tim Sparks, B.A., 1994. tdsparks@kiva.net
(February, 2000)

Jacob Sumner, B.A., 2007. jacobtsumner at yahoo dot com
Valparaiso University JD/MBA 2013. Shopper Marketing Manager: Cooper Tire and Rubber Company. Previous: Angie's List, 3M, Kellogg's.

Megan Thiel, B.A., 2004. mthiel@indiana.edu
(May, 2004)

Lauren Thorpe, B.A., 1991. lthorpe@yahoo.com
I never formally used my sociology degree; however it has been invaluable in understanding and navigating large and small companies where I have worked. Currently working for Netflix; a totally different company culture (very refreshing) from traditional "Corporate America"!

David Tite, B.A., 2012. djtite@umail.iu.edu

Lindsey Trimble, B.A., 2004.
I am currently working on my Ph.D. in Sociology at Washington State University. (June, 2008)

Lindsey Wade, B.A., 2002. lindseykreindler@gmail.com
Director of Women's Philanthropy and Young Adult Division at the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati (February, 2010)

Caitlin Watkins, B.A., 2014. caiwatki@indiana.edu
Executive Director for the Observatory on Social Media (OSoMe) at Indiana University. If anyone is interested in collaborating with the center in their work at IU or wherever their degrees have taken them, they can absolutely reach out to me.

Scott A. Weissman, B.A., 1992. sweissman@matrixpcg.com  I head the wealth management team of Matrix Private Capital Group. It’s a bit of a departure from a Sociology degree for some, however, I believe it’s proven to be additive in many ways. I moved my family during Covid from Chicago to Park City, Utah. 

Jorge Wellmann, B.A., 2009. jjwellma@imail.iu.edu
I completed my M.A.ED in Higher Education and Student Affairs from Western Kentucky University in May of 2013.I am the Residence Life Coordinator at Sullivan University- Louisville Campus. My responsibilities include Student Conduct, Retention, Programming, Health and Wellness, and Student Leadership Development. I currently serve on the executive board for the Kentucky Association of Housing Officers Association KAHO as the Small School Representative for the state.

Dietrich Willke, BA, 19. dwillke@indiana.edu

Teddy Williams, B.A., 1977. skf826@yahoo.com
Self employed hairdresser of 30 plus yrs. West Virginian now. Do not know Hatfields nor McCoys! If any of the old gang sees this please contact. OXOXO T.

Jodi Wolff, B.A., 97. jodiwolff@hotmail.com
Received Masters in Social Work from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1999, concentrations in Early Intervention, Medical Social Work, and Child/Adolescent Psychiatry. Currently on staff as a Social Worker at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. (October, 2000)

Victoria Worland, B.A., 2004. SwedeBee82@yahoo.com
(July, 2004)