Sean Vina

Sean Vina

Graduate Student

About Sean Vina

Sean Viña’s primary research areas are mental health, military health, the stigma attached to mental illness, and religion’s impact on health. Although his interests and projects broadly encompass military versus civilian health from a comparative perspective, he is particularly interested in military practices that promote veteran health.

Sean’s current research projects explore military health through, among other topics, marriage and cohabitation, family separation, and gender differences. He also does research on race reactions to mental illness and treatment seeking, the interface between religion and post-traumatic stress, poor coping strategies (e.g., smoking and drinking), and the impact of stigma and social distancing on military service-connected mental illness.

Sean believes that in addition to America’s responsibility to care for military veterans, a thorough insight into the U.S. Armed Forces through rigorous research can offer invaluable information to improve America’s overall health. Although the U.S. Armed Forces has made incredible strides in combating the stigma attached to mental illness and positive social and individual health practices, scholarship is necessary to identify areas in need of improvement to ensure military readiness.