Orla Stapleton

Orla Stapleton

Graduate Student

About Orla Stapleton


Orla is a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology at Indiana University. Her research interests overlap organization theory, cultural sociology and economic sociology. She has published in the American Sociological Review, Journal of Operations Management and Stanford Social Innovation Review. Her research has been awarded at the Society for the Study of Social Problems, Midwest Sociological Society and North-Central Sociological Association. Orla is also an award-winning instructor at Indiana University, and has published four pedagogical case studies with teaching notes at the European Case Clearing House. 

Dissertation Title: “Barter when it’s Booming: Barter as a Contemporary Form of Exchange and its Effect on Local Small Business and Social Cohesion.”

Dissertation Committee: Tim Hallett (co-chair), Fabio Rojas (co-chair), Jessica Calarco, Allison Schnable