Roshan Kumar Pandian

Roshan Kumar Pandian

Graduate Student

About Roshan Kumar Pandian

Roshan is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Sociology. He is interested in comparative political economy, development, globalization, income inequality, and gender. His dissertation research focuses on the developmental and distributional consequences of globalization. His published journal articles appear in Social Forces, Population & Development Review, and Sociology of Development. In addition, he has taught advanced quantitative methods as well as introductory sociology at Indiana University. For more information visit his webpage or view his CV.

Roshan holds master's degrees in Applied Statistics and Sociology from Indiana University. Prior to attending IU, he received a BS from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Dissertation Title: “Globalization of Production, Manufacturing Employment, and Income Distribution in Developing Economies.”

Dissertation Committee: Arthur S. Alderson (chair), Keera Allendorf, Clem Brooks, Patricia McManus