Kristin Kelley

Kristin Kelley

Graduate Student

About Kristin Kelley

In my research, I use a social psychological lens to examine attitudes about gender, families, sexuality, and work to better understand the processes that create and reproduce inequalities. To conduct this research, I have developed survey and lab experiments, in-depth interview guides, and nationally representative surveys. My NSF-funded dissertation addresses why many women and men still adhere to traditional gender norms in marital name choice by identifying whether there are consequences for women and men who break marital name traditions (e.g., women who do not change their names and men who change their names) and whether those consequences vary based on the couple’s economic context. CV

Research and Teaching Interests: Gender, Families, and Work; Sexuality; Inequalities; Social Psychology; Survey and Experimental Methods

Dissertation Title: “Who Can Afford to Keep Their Last Name? How Economic Resources and Behavioral Attributions Shape Views of Women and Men Who Break Gendered Marital Name Norms”

Dissertation Committee: Youngjoo Cha (Chair), Brian Powell, Stephen Benard, Jessica McCrory Calarco