Jelani Ince

Jelani Ince

Graduate Student

About Jelani Ince

Jelani Ince is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology. His research agenda focuses on race and ethnicity, culture, formal organizations, and social movements. With support from a Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship and the Indiana University graduate school, his dissertation focuses on the case of a predominately white Protestant organization in St. Louis, MO to understand how highly regulated fields create boundaries for the attitudes, behaviors, and interactions for actors who wish to pursue organizational diversity. In this project he uses ethnographic methods to contextualize the challenges that accompany diversity imperatives within a society marked by neoliberalism. Ongoing projects include investigating the influence of social movement behavior on social policy, racial politics, and social media usage, and examining the role of status in shaping actors' relationships to social media, internet use, and trust in authorities. His research appears in Ethnic and Racial Studies and Sociology Compass. Prior to attending IU, he received his BA in English and French Studies from Wake Forest University. CV

Research/teaching interests: Race & Ethnicity, Cultural Sociology, Formal Organizations, Institutions, Qualitative methods

Dissertation title: "Walking the [Color] Line: Managing Religion and Negotiating Diversity in a Racialized Organization 

Dissertation Committee: Timothy Hallett (chair), Dina Okamoto, Jessica Calarco, Fabio Rojas, Victor Ray