Brent Hutchison

Brent Hutchison

Graduate Student

About Brent Hutchinson

Brent graduated from Brigham Young University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology. The second and third years of his undergraduate career were spent in the Oakland/San Francisco area serving underprivileged Latino populations, which is where his sociological interests first arose. Since then, Brent has presented and submitted research for a number of projects, which include: the study of displaced steelworkers and their diminished sense of community attachment and satisfaction over time following plant closure; the study of parents of kindergarteners and the disparity between their actual and self-perceived levels of parental involvement in relation to perceived and actual expectations across diverse school contexts; and the study of goal formation of the homeless given their significant structural constraints.

Brent's general (and ever-evolving) interests include the study of individual and group identity formation and regulation, especially of marginalized groups of people and how those identities are internalized and shaped by perceived and actual levels of antagonism from others; the study of culture and its intersection with rural/urban communities and an increasingly virtual/consumer society; and the study of the interplay between dominant religious/political ideologies and scientific knowledge frameworks across cultures and throughout time.

Apart from school, Brent enjoys various activities outside such as camping, hiking, rock climbing, spelunking, biking, longboarding, and birding. He also enjoys reading, especially classic works (his two favorites are Les Miserables Anna Karenina). And occasionally, you may find him watching mindless Keyboard Cat videos on the internet for fun.