Pui Yin "Ben" Cheung

Pui Yin "Ben" Cheung

Graduate Student

About Pui Yin "Ben" Cheung

As a medical sociologist, my research centers on the social determinants of health inequality and population health through a comparative lens, both at the individual and aggregate levels. In my dissertation, I propose a flexible summary measure of health inequality to capture the level of health inequality based on health indicators on any scale (i.e., nominal, ordinal, interval/ratio) in a specific societal unit (e.g., state, country). I then apply this summary measure to perform comparative analyses at the state- and commuting zone-levels. In particular, I examine the potential tradeoff and dynamic relationships between health inequality and premature death at these levels.

Dissertation title: Comparative Health Inequality in the United States: A Structural Perspective

Dissertation committee: Patricia A. McManus (chair), Arthur Alderson, Keera Allendorf, Brea Perry