Jerome Krase slideshow

Jerome Krase

In 2019 alumnus Jerome Krase docmented his visual excursions including Amman, Jordan as well as Paris and Lyons, France. Below are a few of his images from his well-received book Seeing Cities Change: Local Culture and Class (Routledge 2017).

2000, I visited Cape Town not long after the end of Apartheid. Unfortunately, many South Africans were still confined by poverty to informal settlements. I offer this image in black and white for its starker visual effect.
Jerome Krase photo in Instanbul
2007, When most people think of gentrification, Istanbul doesn’t spring to mind, but it, as so many other global cities, is undergoing upscaling in its historical center. This area has remnants of its Ottoman/Victorian Era wooden buildings.
Jerome Krase photo in Paris's Chinatown
2011, I am very interested in what I call “Ethnic Theme Parks.” Little Italy and Chinatown are two of the most ubiquitous examples. This multiethnic “Chinatown” in Belleville, Paris was changing rapidly when I photo-surveyed the street.