Message from the Chair

Message from the chair

On behalf of all of our colleagues in the Department of Sociology, I am delighted to share our Spring 2019 newsletter. We had planned to send a newsletter in fall and spring this year but a flurry of department activity (moving into temporary offices during the Ballantine Hall renovations, faculty and staff hiring, curriculum development and revision—all good things!) kept us away. We are glad to be able to share news of faculty and student awards from spring and summer 2018, to honor colleagues who have retired, and to bring you up-to-date on what all of you have been doing. Many, many thanks to those of you who sent information about your comings-and-goings. It means so much to us to stay connected with you. To those who did not submit alumni news this year, you will have another chance in spring 2020.

The strength of our department derives from our deep and abiding connections to each other: those still living in Bloomington and those who have carried the spirit of Indiana University Sociology to new locales. Please stay in touch!