Graduate Student News

Sociology Graduate Student Accomplishments 2017-2018
Department Awards and Fellowships:

Muna Adem, Denise Ambriz, Callie Cleckner, and Vitor Dias received the inaugural Sheldon Stryker Graduate Research Grant.

Elizabeth Bodamer received the Social Action Award.

Nolan Greenup, Patrick Kaminski, Dongeun Shin, and Kara Snawder received the Schuessler Scholarship for Study at ICPSR.

Nolan Greenup received the Clifford C. Clogg Scholarship to attend ICPSR.

Anne Groggel received the Edwin H. Sutherland Teaching Award.

Jelani Ince received an Advanced Departmental Fellowship for Fall 2018 and a Professional Development Grant for Spring 2018. He also received the Gerald D. Suttles Fellowship in Doctoral Ethnographic Research.

Peter Lista received the Atherton-Bean Fellowship.

William McConnell and Landon Schnabel received the Lindesmith-Mullins Fellowship.

WIlliam McConnell received the Schuessler Award for Graduate Student Research.

Jacob Miller received the Stewart Family Teaching Fellowship. Roshan Pandian received an Advanced Departmental Fellowship.

Clay Thomas received the Graduate Student Mentor Award and the Preparing Future Faculty Fellowship.

Other Honors and Awards

Muna Adem and Denise Ambriz received the GPSG Research Award

Muna Adem, Denise Ambriz, and Jelani Ince received the CRRES Graduate Student Research Grant.

Kayla Allison, Vitor Dias, and Adam Nicholson received the GPSG Travel Award

Kayla Allison received the Anna L. Homquist Fellowship through the College, and the 2017 Robert F. Borkenstein Graduate Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in the Department of Criminal Justice.

Zoe Caplan received an IU Grant-In-Aid.

Emma Cohen was accepted to the NAEP Doctoral Internship at American Institutes for Research for Summer 2018.

Patrick Kaminski received the NRT Fellowship.

Helge Marahrens received the Clifford C. Clogg Scholarship to study at ICPSR and the Alpha Kappa Delta travel award. William McConnell attended the Duke Social Networks & Health workshop as a fellow.

Roshan Pandian’s paper “Does Manufacturing Matter for Economic Growth in the Era of Globalization?” received the Terence K. Hopkins Student Paper Award from the ASA Section on Political Econ of World Systems. He also received third place in the 2018 NCSA Graduate Student Paper Competition for “World Society Integration and Gender Attitudes in Cross-National Context.”

Annie Russian received the NCAA Graduate Student Research Grant.

Landon Schnabel’s paper “Opiate of the Masses? Social Inequality, Religion, and Politics” received the Student Paper Award from the Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity Section of the American Sociological Association. He also received the Robert J. McNamara Paper Award from the Association for the Sociology of Religion, as well as the Distinguished Article Award, Honorable Mention from the Religion Section of the American Sociological Association for “The Gender Pray Gap: Wage Labor and the Religiosity of High-Earning Women and Men.” His paper “Secularism and Fertility Worldwide” received the Student Paper Award, Honorable Mention from the Religion Section of the American Sociological Association. He also received the IU COAS Dissertation Completion Fellowship.

Eric Sevell received the Lieber Memorial Teaching Award. Nicholas Smith received the RWJF Health Policy Research Scholars Program award.

Jackie Tabor was the paper competition winner at NCSA for “Mom, Dad, or Somewhere In Between: Ambiguities Facing Children of Transgender Parents.”

Sean Vina participated in the Rand Summer Associate Program.