Student Awards and Achievements

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Graduate Departmental Awards and Fellowships

Denise Ambriz received the Preparing Future Faculty Fellowship.

Denise Ambriz, Vitor Dias, Amelia Hawbaker, Katie Johnson, and Alisha Kirchoff received the Advanced Departmental Fellowship.

Katie Beardall, Megan Bolton, Jasmine Davis, Brent Hutchinson, and Maritza Steele received the Preparing Future Faculty Certificate.

Grayson Bodenheimer, Amelia Hawbaker, Katie Johnson, Yiangjian Liang, Annie Russian, and Maritza Steele received the Sheldon Stryker Graduate Research Grant.

Emma Cohen and Sam Kye received the Lindesmith-Mullins Fellowship.

Peter Lista received the Schuessler Award for Graduate Research.

Annie Russian received the Social Action Award.

Dongeun Shin received the Schuessler Scholarship for Study at ICPSR.

Orla Stapleton received the Edwin H. Sutherland Teaching Award.

Clay Thomas received the Stewart Family Teaching Fellowship.


Graduate Student Association Awards

Muna Adem received the Graduate Student Mentor Award.

Muna Adem and Kristen Kelley received the Believe in Others Award.

Caroline Brooks and Grayson Bodenheimer received the Community Cheer Captain Award.

Ben Gallati and Jennifer Lee received the Power and Positivity Award.

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Undergraduate Accomplishments

Outstanding Junior Sociology Major
Rachel Desmarais    
Caitlin Relias

Outstanding First or Second Year Sociology Major
Eliza Dowd
Alan Beard

Ulysses Grant Weatherly Award
Julia Bauer

Phi Beta Kappa (PBK)
Rachel Desmarais
Hannah Jones
Mary Lechner
Shelby Richie
George Patrick Hutchins
Zoe King
Robin Nokes

Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD)
GeorgePatrick Hutchins
Hannah Jones
Caitlin Relias
Huimeng Zhao

Undergraduate Honor Students

Brontee Anderson Gender & SSRI Antidepressants: The Impact on Young Adults
Julia Bauer Media Coverage and Political Action: The Fight for Clean Water
Rachel Desmarais Who-Who-Who-Hoosiers?: Stereotypes at IUB
GeorgePatrick Hutchins Preparing the Providers: A Study of the Stress-Related Mental Health Experiences of Pre- Health Students
Zoe King Characterizing Perceptions of Maliciousness for Cybersecurity Risks
Mary Lechner The Voice Behind the Vote: Mechanisms of Political Efficacy in Latino/a Youth
Sydney Spillers March for Our Lives or March Against Our Rights?: Media Framing of the Parkland Shooting on Two Major Broadcast News Stations